I’m Raffaella Pulejo I was born in Italy but for family reasons I enjoyed living in different countries with enrichment of cultures and languages ​​.

I finally settled in Catalunya for almost twenty years. Once again for family reasons I decided to fix our residence here, where my aim is to carry on what I have learned with the practice of Chinese Medicine in recent years in Barcelona and China -

I trained as :

+ Classical Chinese Medicine -EMECC – Masters with Dr Manuel Moreno:

Qi Jing Ba Mai

The pivot of life in Taoist tradition I – II – III

Quinary and sextary System

Huang Di Nei Jing

+ Technician in Traditional Chinese Medicine by the European Foundation of Traditional Chinese Medicine .

+ Technician in Acupuncture by the European Foundation of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

I did my training at Hospital:

- 护国寺医院Hu Guo Si Hospital , Bejing (China)

-北京按摩医院始建于Anmo Hospital , Bejing (China)

My studies attesting to the WFCMS ( World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies ) and standardizing the rules which are the same for most EU countries .